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Vocal Group Uses Fans As Camera Crew – 34 Cameras In 60 Seconds

Vocal Group Uses Fans As Camera Crew – 34 Cameras In 60 Seconds

by WireService.coSeptember 4, 2014

California, USA  / Bay Area vocal group Hookslide has recently been putting their fans at live shows to work.”The traditional approach is to have people turn off their phones during performances. We want them to turn them on and use them,” said Bud Anderson, Hookslide tenor. “We’ve got access to great video, creative shooters and no sight line issues by crowd sourcing our video. It’s also a fun way to interact with the crowd and involve them in the show”

Hookslide will call out to the audience before a song begins and have them prepare their phones. During the song fans can get creative by focusing on certain band members or each other, and by using zooms and different filters to create their own expression of their view of the concert.When the song is over the group gives out an email and everyone in the room sends their video to a group address.

“The last show I left my phone in my pocket by mistake and it was blowing up” said Anderson, “I had 34 emails in 2 minutes.”

SEE the Video here:

“The project creates an amazing texture of what people are experiencing at a live performance.You really get a feel of how different the experience is from various parts of the room, both physically and aurally.” said Jon Pilat, beatboxer for Hookslide.

The group has tagged the project “Frankenvideo” and has done two versions so far. “Radioactive” and “Too Close” Hookslide heavily relies on group talents outside of singing to produce “Frankenvideo” as well. Anderson owns a creative video company dangerbrain and George Hoffman, baritone, is in charge of mixing down the sound from all the sound sources.

“The quality of the sound and video is all over the place, but that what makes this really cool. You can tell the difference between the IPhone and Android and you know when people are holding the phone and shooting in the correct way, pretty awesome.” Hoffman said.

The group is celebrating 15 years together as the same 4 members and attributes part of their success to taking risks as a group and trying new things on stage.

“This is the kind of thing that we really look forward to in Hookslide. Outside of singing we all have jobs that challenge us and demand creative thinking. Applying that mentality to Hookslide is a pretty incredible thing.” said Mayank Thanawala, Hookslide tenor.

Hookslide plans on continuing with Frankenvideo at many shows moving forward, said Anderson. “It’s a perfect fit for the school fundraising shows we do, clubs and festivals. It’s an incredible way to engage the audience and response has been overwhelming. I’ll keep editing video as it comes in.”

Hookslide is an all vocal A cappella group based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The have been performing for 15 years as the same 4 members and have performed over 500 shows together as a group. Outside of singing the members all have jobs related to the tech industry.

Jon Pilat, beatboxer
Enterprise Architect & Sr. Director, Stanford University

George Hoffman, baritone
Vice President of Mobile and Emerging Products Engineering, Yahoo

Mayank Thanawala, tenor
Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Health Loop

Bud Anderson, tenor
Dangerous CEO, dangerbrain creative video

For more information on Hookslide and “Frankenvideo,” please contact Bud Anderson at 650-219-9559 /

For additional information on Hookslide visit

Hookslide on Facebook:

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