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PUB HTML5 – Free jQuery Page-Flip Plugin Creator to Enhance Digital Publications

PUB HTML5 – Free jQuery Page-Flip Plugin Creator to Enhance Digital Publications

by Elsa D. ArnoldSeptember 3, 2014

Free jQuery page-flip plugin creator is one of the most successful applications of PUB HTML5 digital publishing software solutions. It enables all individuals and businesses to successfully transform and publish their brochures, articles, magazines, reports or catalogs into an inimitable digital publication. The norms of the digital publishing world have been changed and now it involves persuasive and affluent digital media incidences because of this new addition. One can take only 4 steps to create interactive HTML5 magazines with a few minutes.

Consequently, This new digital publication tool comes up with several state-of-the-art and exciting features such as PDF conversion into Flipbook, full customization of user interface, management of interactive media, expansion of audience through multi-screen world, cloud platform, USB, DVD and CD offline viewer, enhanced administration, easy social networking, command line version, SEO friendly text version, more detailed analysis and reporting, shoppable publications and so forth.

However, the most exciting feature of PUB HTML5 is obviously its ability to convert and publish HTML5 flipbook as a WordPress Plugin. WordPress is a renowned way out for an effective display and marketing of online content. It also allows its users to enrich their experience using a number of plugins such as widgets and SEO developing tools and the like through the use of its exciting feature known as Plugin Architecture. Accordingly, using this feature of the WordPress, the WordPress users will now be able to install the HTML5 flipbook Plugin to their WordPress Sites. This means that users can now convert their PDF files into rich and engaging media publications and save those publications online on their WordPress sites as WordPress plugins.

Subsequently, PUB HTML5 can be accessed through all major operating platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android. And hundreds of thousands of customers, including both companies and individuals are currently being facilitated by it.

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