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New Software for Converting PDF to Flipbook on Mac OS Has Been Introduced by Flippagemaker

New Software for Converting PDF to Flipbook on Mac OS Has Been Introduced by Flippagemaker

by Elsa D. ArnoldSeptember 2, 2014

Recently, Flippagemaker has launched a new version of FlipBook Creator for Mac. The software provides amazing features that users will surely enjoy when they convert PDF to flipbook on Mac OS.

FlipBook Creator for Mac allows users to create unlimited 3D page-turning publications easily on Mac OS X. Readers can enjoy the interactive experience and view the creative digital publications on all portable devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The updated FlipBook Creator for Mac is also loaded with 30+ pre-designed 3D templates to help beginners create their flipbooks without a hassle.

With only a few clicks, users can publish and share their digital magazines, brochures and catalogues instantly onto the PUB HTML5 cloud service. This new feature definitely attracts thousands of users globally, giving them a chance to unleash their creativity.

Within 3 minutes, users can turn their boring PDF files to exciting flipbooks. This enables business owners to take digital marketing to the next level. It allows people to experience the interactive catalogues, and skip the boredom of usual PDFs.

FlipBook Creator for Mac is an easy to use tool for Mac users. It has a clear workflow of how to make flash and html5 flipbooks step by step. Users can also choose from their ready-to-use flash templates and themes to create flipbooks easily, without having navigational problems.

Business owners can now advertise their products and services in a flipbook with the FlipBook Creator’s Advertising Banner. This feature makes the flipbook attractive and helps to deliver content to readers conveniently.

To learn more about the updated FlipBook Creator for Mac software, feel free to visit

Want to add video to flipbook? Check out the FlipBook Creator Professional for Mac:

Looking for Windows version? Check out the FlipBook Creator Standard for Windows:

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