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Local Business Owners Are Getting Maximum Exposure with PRONLINEPAGES.COM!

Local Business Owners Are Getting Maximum Exposure with PRONLINEPAGES.COM!

by Greatnews PRSeptember 2, 2014, Puerto Rico’s #1 choice in online directories, is helping local business owners get maximum exposure, increasing their revenue!

Puerto Rico, September 2014

For many years, the Yellow Pages, the printed version, was the most effective source of advertising for local businesses. The old print version of Yellow Pages displayed ads that could cost the business owners hundreds, if not thousands, depending on size/month. Today, more and more people are searching for local businesses online, and local business owners are at a disadvantage if they are not listing their business with an online directory.

Unlike with the printed version of Yellow Pages, listing with an online directory like can advertise the local business more effectively and reach more consumers. Listing with an online directory is not only effective, but it is great for those local business owners who are on a tight marketing budget. Local business directories, like, are a cost effective way of getting online exposure in a short amount of time. Having a website is a great way to inform consumers about the business; however, it’s very difficult for Google and Yahoo to pick up those websites and have them ranking well in search results. Being listed with an online directory such as can help immensely with credibility and rankings. provides a backlink and makes each business website appear more credible with Google searches.

By listing with, people who are looking for a product or service can easily find it. Directory listings come up high on search engine rankings so business websites are easily found. has composed a few benefits local business owners will experience when listing with their online directory.

• A business listing will easily show up in search results. When someone searches for a restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the restaurant listing will appear at the top.

• It helps advertise the business only with local customers who are serious about buying or hiring their services.

• Business listings will display on mobile phones, making them very accessible when on the go.

• It allows the business to readily display their photos, giving local listings a much larger advertising space than Yellow Pages allows for.

• Listing with is much more cost efficient and offers a higher return on investment than print advertisement.

Local business owners who are interested in listing with can do so by contacting 787.395.7282 or

About is the leading online directory provider in the United States and Puerto Rico. This credible online directory helps business owners gain more exposure in today’s competitive internet world. With over 400 employees around the world, and over 1.3 million companies listed with them, has gathered a reputation of being the most trusted online directory to date.

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