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Did you join the ‘Juicing Revolution’?

Did you join the ‘Juicing Revolution’?

by Matthew PaulsonSeptember 2, 2014

There can’t be many of us who haven’t at least heard about juicing. With juice bars, juicing books and juice machines all the rage just a few years ago; it would have been difficult to miss.

Some may have wondered what all the fuss was about and many may have tried kick starting their day with a delightful mix of vegetables and fruits instead of the usual caffeine fuelled hit. We have no doubt all heard too about super foods, full of antioxidants that can supercharge our bodies and fill us full of energy and vitality.

If like many though the juicing revolution passed you by, it’s not too late for you to drown your taste buds in an antioxidant rich, rainbow coloured potion. Maybe you have already felt a pang of guilt while sipping your morning espresso and considered whether you ought to opt for the green, sweet elixir of fruits, superfoods and vegetables so you can at least then say that you have juiced like the celebrities.

Well possibly not as we don’t all have the budget, or the time, for specially prepared juices made from the myriad of fruit and vegetables they require, and we certainly don’t all have the budget to recruit our very own live-in juicemaster.

While celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Katie Price and Gwyneth Paltrow are sipping smoothies in the privacy of their own homes, the one thing they and millions of other Juice converts have in common is that they have all contributed to the multi-billion pound juicing industry, either through dieting, detoxing or cleansing.

Of course we don’t all get paid the sort of money the aforementioned celebrities do for promoting their lifestyles on the public stage! However there are ways we can juice more cost effectively and include into our diet all of those much needed and beneficial nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

So if you have been thinking of joining the juicing revolution, or just want to minimise the impact the average western diet can have on your health, and you can’t afford to go out and invest in your local greengrocer business, then head over to ‘Lifestyle Vitamin’s Blog and discover some healthy ideas for Simplifying Your Daily Juice Regime. Learn more about how to support your goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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