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Awake ye people…, Freedom is calling

Awake ye people…, Freedom is calling

by Matthew PaulsonSeptember 2, 2014

New historical novel tells the story of a forgotten revolution

A survivor of the 1705 Bavarian uprising finally breaks thirteen years of silence and tells his story, recounting how simple farmers and shopkeepers try to forcefully reclaim their country from the Holy Roman Empire’s tyrannical occupation.


LIGHTNING RELEASES 09/02/14 MUNICH – “Awake ye People…, Freedom is calling” (ISBN 1499346514) by Steve Burns is a story of rebellion against the cruel oppression of the Holy Roman Empire during the early years of the Enlightenment.

During the same century in which the American and French revolutions took place, another uprising unfolded in Germany, though its story is seldom told. Finally, author Steve Burns brings it to life in his new historical fiction novel “Awake ye people…, Freedom is calling”.

Christmas Day in 1705 sees the snow-covered fields outside of Munich run red with the blood of Bavarian rebels attempting to free their land from the tyranny of the Holy Roman Empire. Are these farmers and shopkeepers a match for Habsburg bayonets and sabers? Relive this dramatic event through the recounting of rebel survivor Passauer, an exile living in Paris who breaks thirteen years of silence to a young, curious French playwright and philosophe by the name of Voltaire. Passauer’s passion and eye for detail in storytelling, combined with Voltaire’s enthusiastic commentary on this “glorious revolution,” create a captivating read that brings to life this neglected but important historical event.

Author Steve Burns infuses this historically accurate yet fictionalized tale with his fifteen years of experience living in Bavaria, Germany, and a passion for history and philosophy. The characters Passauer and Voltaire trade stories, ideas, and commentary that together create a compelling, thought-provoking, and emotional narrative. Through these pages, readers can join the band of Bavarian farmers and shopkeepers in their little-known fight against the Holy Roman Empire’s occupation in eighteenth-century Germany.


“Awake ye People…, Freedom is calling” is available for sale online at and other channels.


About the Author:

Steve Burns has pursued a variety of careers that have allowed him to travel throughout the world, including military service, commercial driving, professional photography, and marketing. He earned his education in the United States, England, South Africa, and France and has lived in Europe for more than thirty years, dividing his time between England, France, and Germany. Burns maintains an avid interest in history and the philosophy of history.



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