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USEA Releases Free Personal Finance E-book on “Building Wealth”

USEA Releases Free Personal Finance E-book on “Building Wealth”

by Matthew PaulsonAugust 26, 2014

“A wealth-building strategy doesn’t require purchasing a winning lottery ticket.”

LIGHTNING RELEASES: ORLANDO, Fla. (8/26/2014) – US Equity Advantage® (USEA) has published a new e-book, “Building Wealth: Smart Saving and Debt Management Strategies.” It is available for free on the company’s website at

Building Wealth is written for the everyday person and demonstrates that you don’t need to be in a high income bracket to build wealth as long as you start early enough. Take heed 20-somethings.

The e-book offers personal finance advice on defining wealth, maximizing investments and managing debts and expenses. “The right information, tools, planning and decision-making are keys to success, as is a belief that you can make a significant impact on your own financial future. A smart approach that combines maximizing investments, controlling expenses and managing debt can help get you there,” the e-book explains.

Building Wealth is the latest in a series of free personal finance e-books published by USEA. Other titles include FICO and Your Financial Future, How to Beat Credit Card Companies at their Own Game and Refinancing Rethought.

Founded in 2003, US Equity Advantage (USEA) is an industry leader in bi-weekly and early loan payoff services from home and automotive to RV, boat and student loans. USEA helps its members reach their financial goals faster through flexible payment plans to accelerate their loan payoff, ultimately saving money in costly interest, staying within their budget and building valuable equity. For more information please visit:

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