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Typical Flash & HTML5 Flipbook Examples Has Been Added to

Typical Flash & HTML5 Flipbook Examples Has Been Added to

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 22, 2014

The Flip Builder website updates its showcase with more attractive page turning book examples. This is an effective method for users to display content online, inspiring and guiding them on how to use the Flip Builder Software to their advantage.

Flip PDF Professional is an excellent page turning book creator that can instantly display books on the iPad, iPhone, Android devices and even desktops. With Flip Book Software, users can now create digital publications, including brochures, catalogs and magazines in an instant.

Using the Flip PDF Professional helps business owners to reach a wider audience, giving them an interactive experience in viewing book pages. By adding hot spots, users can lead more traffic and highlight vital content to their sites with just a few clicks.

Flip PDF Professional also helps users build their brand awareness by allowing them to customize the tool bar with their brand logo or website icon.

To help users design their flip books, Flip PDF Pro provides a variety of pre-designed templates with interactive effects. With their drag-and-drop interface, users can simply add YouTube videos, images, hyperlinks, backgrounds, scenes and plugins.

Users can also go visit their sites to check the recently added Flipbook examples which can be opened in a new window with full screen. Using simple codes, users can also embed their flipbooks into their web pages. It is definitely a convenient way to take advantage of the Flip Book Software.

By visiting the Flip Builder showcase tab, users will be able to view dozens of Flipbook examples which can be used for brochures, magazines, catalogs, albums, manual and even text books.

It’s about time to let readers experience an interactive flip book that will allow  them to engage, explore and discover new things through your digital publications.

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