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Surrey Casino offers $ 50,000 to sway Mayoral Bajwa,declined, Surrey First accepted donations in 2011

Surrey Casino offers $ 50,000 to sway Mayoral Bajwa,declined, Surrey First accepted donations in 2011

by Matthew PaulsonAugust 3, 2014

Surrey B.C. Sonia Sidhu. Sam Cooper reported in Vancouver Desi, how party donations to Surrey First were being used as a tool to sway the Gateway Casino, proposal for the 12th Avenue and 168th Street, 25 acre development, comprising a 60,000 sq.foot gambling floor, 200 room four star hotel and 27,000 sq.ft. convention and entertainment center with restaurants and lounges.
Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts and Surrey First is on record of accepting $ 24,500 in 2011 City Elections from parties connected to the plan, Bill Cheema’s Bill Devlopment donated $ 8,000, Gateway Casinos donated $ 7,500, which was turned down by the efforts of South Surrey Ratepayers Association, headed by Terry McNeice, Semiahmoo high school student Jordana Peters, Phil Embley who termed it as the most controversial application the Mayor and council has ever dealt with…forcing Mayor Dianne Watts to Vote NO, while Councillors and Surrey First Mayoral candidate Linda Hepner voted YES, alongwith Barbara Steele, Barinder Rasode, and Tom Gill. Guru Nanak Sikh Temple Scott Road deplored the stand taken by Barinder Rasode and Tom Gill, which was instrumental in the entire Council rejecting the S. Surrey Casino proposal.
The initial proposal Applicants on January 11,2010, were Bob Cheema, Narinder Nagra and Randeep S.Sarai, on the same day, according to corporate registry documents, Sarai and Nagra ceased to be directors of 0854556 B.C.Ltd., associated with the initial application.
With City elections tree and a half months away, Casino proponents are luring the candidates with donations, to back their proposal for 2015. Rich Coleman, the provincial cabinet minister in charge of gambling, was disappointed at the reject vote, but since the Liberals are in majority Government, there is again a movement to “propose” another Casino in Surrey, confirms Mayoral Vikram Bajwa. ” Mutual Associates offered us $ 50,000 as campaign donations for November 2014 City Elections, which I politely declined”, said Bajwa.
There are strong indicators that the “Casino Lobby” will once again try to finance the Election campaign of Surrey First, Linda Hepner, Barinder Rasode, Tom Gill and may also influence Former Mayor Doug McCallum, said NDP member Sukhjit Singh. “I would caution Surrey First, Doug McCallum,all Mayoral and Councilor candidates to put the interests of the community over Election Financing” since the residents are watching them and would defeat them”, said Vikram Bajwa.

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