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Stage Hypnotist Paul Ramsay Kicks Off Fall 2014 Tour of Mind Games

Stage Hypnotist Paul Ramsay Kicks Off Fall 2014 Tour of Mind Games

by Matthew PaulsonAugust 20, 2014

Hypnosis Show Opens Minds, Encourages Learning and Facilitates Freshman Bonding

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Somersworth, NH (8/20/2014) – College entertainer and stage hypnotist Paul Ramsay kicks off his Fall 2014 Tour of Mind Games  with visits to Western Michigan University, Missouri State University, Tennessee Wesleyan College, Greensboro College, University of South Carolina-Upstate, Appalachian State University, Spartanburg Methodist College, Goucher College, Cazenovia College, Iona College, Texas A&M University at Texarkana, The Julliard School, Post University, Centre College, New England College, Saint Anselm College, Albion College and Illinois Institute of Technology.

Ramsay travels from campus to campus across the United States during college orientation presenting his exclusive interactive stage hypnosis show called Mind Games. Orientation and Back to School Sessions Managers book Paul Ramsay’s Mind Games to create entertainment for new students, to expose students to new ideas, to create bonding experiences, and to give students a positive on-campus activity.

Paul Ramsay’s Mind Games is unique.  Ramsay’s show breaks the mold of traditional stage hypnotism by letting the audience control the show with remote controls and polling software.  Ramsay likes to make the students the stars of the show.  Volunteers are hypnotized while still sitting in the audience, providing an up-close-and-personal experience for all in attendance.  The volunteer stage performers react to Ramsay’s hilarious scenarios created to have fun, draw laughter, and engage the crowd. Ramsay’s audiences of media savvy college students offers tremendous opportunities for Ramsay to create new material and he changes his show frequently so that audiences will not see the same show twice.  Paul Ramsay is often invited back year after year because his unique show draws bigger crowds every time he appears.

Ramsay is known for quickly engaging the audience volunteers who readily and comically respond to his suggestions.  In one performance, a young man believes he is giving birth to a baby; a young woman believes she is Miley Cyrus giving a concert; a group of ten students believe they are auditioning for a movie and act as cowboys and vampires; one student believes he is a superhero named Donut Boy, while another is Donut Boy’s arch nemesis: Cholesterol. Paul’s first goal is for his audience to have fun.

It is important to select hypnosis shows carefully.  Organizers find it important to hire an experienced hypnotist who is familiar and experienced with collegiate audiences, that they are board certified, and able to relate to the students in conversation, and put on a show with entertaining content.  Stage hypnotist references should be impeccable.  Also important–Organizers should lock in their dates early with popular acts during the orientation timeframe to be sure they are available.

What Do Organizers Say About Paul Ramsay?

Dave Zamansky, Assistant Director of Memorial Union, Programs and Leadership, University of New Hampshire said, “I like Paul Ramsay because he puts on an incredible and unique show and he packs the house every time.”

Arlene Thompson, Student Activities Assistant, Saint Aselem College said, “I like Paul Ramsay because he is entertaining, cooperative, easy and accommodating to work with and there is never any drama.  There is never an issue with a Paul Ramsay show.”

Jeff Lail, Assistant Director of Student Activities, UNC Greensboro said, “I like Paul Ramsay because he really understands what we are trying to do.  He always puts on a really fun and entertaining show, he is kind to the student stage volunteers, and he is very professional.

Jeff Smith, Salem State University said, “I like Paul Ramsay because he is extremely talented and down to earth.  We had him entertain during orientation and we had great attendance.  The show was really fresh and it represented our organization well.  Paul Ramsay is very professional, doesn’t come with a long list of demands, and he is low maintenance.  Paul really engages the audience and, at the same time, is sincere and humble.”

About Paul Ramsay

Paul Ramsay is a board certified hypnotist in private practice, hypnotizes over 1500 people per year, and tours as a stage hypnotist.  He is the founder of  For over 10 years, Paul Ramsay has been entertaining college and high school students as a stage hypnotist.  In 2011, Paul introduced his exclusive interactive show called Mind Games.  Paul’s video series Hypnotic shows a day in the life of a traveling stage hypnotist.  Paul’s private practice is dedicated to helping individuals stop negative habits such as smoking, fingernail biting, and overeating.   Ramsay’s private practice also offers customized, individual personal coaching programs to help his clients achieve their goals and maximize their potential.  For show booking, contact Neon Entertainment, 716-836-6366

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