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Singles Beware! Check Out New Jersey Singles Complaints!

Singles Beware! Check Out New Jersey Singles Complaints!

by Greatnews PRAugust 7, 2014

NJ dating and matchmaking service, New Jersey Singles, reveals the risky side of online dating!

New Jersey, August 2014

Everyone has seen the commercials for popular online dating sites claiming they can solve all the dating problems everyone experiences in the big bad dating world. It sounds catchy; after all, all you have to do is fill out a quick questionnaire, make a pretty profile, and boom! All the sudden, you’re matched with compatible local singles—all from the comfort of your own sofa.
While dating sites may have helped a few people find happy relationships and even love, it’s on rare occasion. Today, the matchmaking experts from New Jersey Singles take on the disadvantages and pitfalls of online dating.

Scammers: Online dating sites make it easy for scammers to find their pray. They simply fill out and create online profiles with fake photos and false information. These ill-intentioned users spend several weeks trying to gain trust until they eventually ask for money for an emergency, money which their ‘love struck’ victim will never see again.
A Shopper-Like Mentality: Dating sites offer a wide variety of options when it comes to finding a partner, but with so many options available, nobody puts in the time, efforts, and commitment to finding a partner. Many people enter the online dating scene with a shopper’s mentality, not a serious and committed one.

The Data Is Permanently Out There: When someone fills out their information on a dating profile, it’s out there forever, even once the profile has been deleted and the account is closed. Not only is personal information out there for good, but some dating sites sell that personal information to other dating sites.
Predators & Criminals: Most online dating sites do not conduct background checks on their members, and even if they do, sexual predators know how to easily bypass this security feature by creating a fake profile under someone else’s name. Sexual predators troll these unsecure sites looking for their next easy and unsuspecting victim.

Misinterpretation: Keeping anonymity online is effortless, and for this reason, many people choose to misinterpret themselves when creating an online dating profile. Many people lie about their age, gender, physical appearances, social economic status, and even marital status.

With so many risks and dangers in the online dating world, it’s no wonder people are leaving the online dating days behind and turning to an efficient, safer, and more confidential way of dating.

Local singles who are tired of online dating and looking for a safer option to finding a compatible partner, can contact one of the matchmaking experts from New Jersey Singles today. For more information about New Jersey Singles Dating Service, call one of their four New Jersey locations or visit:

New Jersey Singles Locations:

Bridgewater: (908) 393-4611
Colts Neck: (732) 308-0555
Hackensack: (201) 342-5455
Lawrenceville: (609) 912-1700

About New Jersey Singles Dating Service:

New Jersey Singles Dating Service is an alternative to online dating. They know that finding like-minded, relationship-ready singles is one of the most frustrating parts of dating and they’re dedicated to helping clients meet quality singles in New Jersey without the stress of looking on their own.

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