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Real U Fit Announces The Release Of Their New Custom Weight Loss Plan Smartphone App

Real U Fit Announces The Release Of Their New Custom Weight Loss Plan Smartphone App

by WireService.coAugust 14, 2014

Baltimore, MD  / Real U Fit knows the challenges of achieving a healthy weight. Co-owner and founder, Meisha Jeanine, struggled with her own weight loss journey weighing close to 300 pounds before gaining control of her fitness goals and eating habits. She lost 138 pounds in 8 months. Using the knowledge she’s gained in her journey, her and co-owner Justin, are pleased to announce the release of a new smartphone app designed to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals.

The app, available exclusively through Real U Fit and designed for smart phones, will assist the user to achieve their weight loss and wellness goals. Each user will work closely with a Wellness Advisor to design a program custom to them. The app takes the guess work out of calorie counting, tracking, menu planning and recording workouts. Choose the meals you want for an entire week and the app will create a grocery shopping list for you!

Unlike other calorie counting apps, this app does it all! The calorie counts come directly from the USDA, taking the guess work out. There are a variety of different meal plan programs developed by Real U Fit’s Dietician with perfectly balanced nutrition. Advisors check in weekly to ensure individuals are staying on track and to be available to answer questions.

Real U Fit was built on the foundation that no diet plan or workout plan fits everyone’s needs. Justin and Meisha wanted to create a program to guide people through their obstacles, help keep them on track and teach them the tools needed for long term success.

More information can be found on Real U website:

About Real U Fit:

We at Real U Fit, know there is no “magic food” U can buy to lose weight and that there is not a “one diet plan fits all” because each one of us are unique. We are a family owned business that serves people all over the United States. Our knowledge comes from our own struggles from trying every diet plan out there. Our staff are educated and guided from managers that have a Masters Degree in Nutrition and also certified in Nutrition. We design a custom meal plan with shopping lists based on your specific needs. We also will actively change your plan as your body progresses. This plan is designed for all types of people with multiple needs, from weight loss to athlete nutrition. We will help U achieve your goals right from the comfort of your home!

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