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PRonlinepages – The Leading Web Directory in Puerto Rico

PRonlinepages – The Leading Web Directory in Puerto Rico

by Greatnews PRAugust 2, 2014, the most successful web directory in Puerto Rico, has outranked Yellow Pages by providing local business owners a more cost efficient way of advertising!

Puerto Rico, United States, August 2014

Because online directories facilitate the search for businesses, companies, and services, they have grown greatly in popularity. When consumers are need of help, for instance, if they have a hot water leak, an internet connection problem, or a broken washer or dryer, it would make no sense for them to call someone who lives in another town rather than someone who is in their own town. A good online directory, such as PRonlinepages, plays an important role here, which in this case would be providing the numbers for local companies who can come to their rescue. But the benefits don’t end there; business owners also reap the benefits. Business directories, such as PRonlinepages, greatly benefit business owners and their websites, just like they help consumers.

When listing with an online directory, such as PRonlinepages, business owners will rank highly, allowing consumers looking for a service in their town to quickly come across their business listing. For example, if a business is selling cars, then a business directory can place the listing and company profile in the car section, further promoting the business owner’s information and services. An online directory, like PRonlinepages, makes it easy for business owners to write about the services provided by the company, letting the customers know all the benefits they will gain by choosing that specific company. With PRonlinepages, business owners can add the company logo, photos, and a map including the location, making it easy for consumers to get to know their business.

PRonlinepages ranks high on Google, Yahoo, and other popular search engines, boosting a client’s website ranking; therefore, giving them more exposure. In many cases, with an online directory such as PRonlinepages, the directory will come up in searches before the client’s own website, which is great to improve their exposure and online popularity. PRonlinepages greatly benefits a business’s online presence, which will helps them rank higher than their competition for the same search results, expanding their client reach.

Local business owners in Puerto Rico who are looking to advertise their business or services online, can contact by contacting 787.395.7282 or

About PRonlinepages:

PRonlinepages is the leading online directory provider in the United States and Puerto Rico. This credible online directory helps business owners gain more exposure in today’s competitive internet world. With over 400 employees around the world, and over 1.3 million companies listed with them, PRonlinepages has gathered a reputation of being the most trusted online directory to date.

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