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Professional PDF to Flipbook Creator Now is Available with Many Awesome Digital Publishing Features

Professional PDF to Flipbook Creator Now is Available with Many Awesome Digital Publishing Features

by Lailie TanAugust 29, 2014

FlipPageMaker Group is taking flipbook software to the next level with their FlipBook Creator Professional, which gives users more options to embed images, audio, graphics, slideshow, button, flash hyperlinks, hotspots and other multimedia objects.

Digital publications are easily made with the professional PDF to flipbook creator, allowing readers to view them from any computer, mobile devices like iPhone and iPad anytime, anywhere.

Reaching a wider audience will never be a problem since FlipBook Creator Professional can publish the flipbook on the web or even share it on social networking sites in a flash. This will help business owners gain a wider audience with just a few clicks.

For web publishing, FlipBook Creator Professional converts PDF files to flip book based on Adobe Flash. At the same time, it preserves the hyperlinks, bookmarks, Table of Contents and text orientation of the PDF file.

Users will never have to worry about creating creative content with FlipBook Creator Professional. There are various built-in templates and online themes to choose from with hundreds of settings to help users tweak their flipbooks to their advantage.

Creating flipbooks from PDF is now possible with FlipBook Creator Professional in only three easy steps. Import the file, edit the pages and click create. It’s that easy.

Using the FlipBook Creator Professional will definitely give businesses the attention owners have always wanted. It will give the readers an interactive experience when navigating their site.

Users can insert buttons, JavaScript and even embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo without the hassle. FlipBook Creator Professional is a great platform for businesses to grow while giving the users an opportunity to unleash their hidden creativity.

To learn more about the FlipBook Creator Professional, feel free to visit

It’s about time for digital publications to engage potential clients interactively.

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