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Premiere Resource for Crossfit, Strength and Conditioning Trainees Launches

Premiere Resource for Crossfit, Strength and Conditioning Trainees Launches

by Matthew PaulsonAugust 24, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES: (8/24/2014)- Crossfitters and strength and conditioning trainees have long dealt with a huge lack of quality information on the web. Now, one online company presents a robust resolution. Athletic Muscle has launched a brand-new website that offers a library of critical information, including exclusive interviews with top athletes and coaches across the country.

Dedicated to helping people improve performance, gain strength, and build muscle, Athletic Muscle delivers a single source for all things related to fitness and training. Tailored for athletes and people who are training like athletes, Athletic Muscle focuses helping people achieve the results they are looking for. With articles on training, supplements, nutrition, reviews, and more, Athletic Muscle is quickly becoming known as the premiere resource for Crossfit and strength and conditioning trainees. In addition to exclusive interviews and in-depth articles, Athletic Muscle also features videos and workouts.

Recent articles from Athletic Muscle have included “Everything You Need to Know About Muscle Ups for Crossfit”, “Looking for the Best Crossfit Shoes for Men and Women in 2014?”, and “Choosing the Best Foam Roller”. With continuously updated content, Athletic Muscle shows their dedication to hardcore physical education. More information about Athletic Muscle is available at

About Athletic Muscle

The team at Athletic Muscle is devoted to providing top-notch fitness information to fill the void that has long existed in the world of strength and conditioning and Crossfit trainees. Athletic Muscle hopes to build a network of likeminded individuals to further broaden fitness knowledge.


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