Popular Workshop on How to Write a Book Comes to Seattle August 8-10

On one side are millions of professionals and business owners struggling to grow their businesses.
On the other side is an expanding company, more revenues, and higher profits.
In the middle is a man on a mission.

Gerry Robert has dedicated his life for over 25 years helping people accomplish their dreams goals and aspirations of success.

He is announcing his Publish and Grow Rich Seminar. The event shows entrepreneurs how to use a book as a marketing tool and help establish a platform that delivers credibility, authority and publicity which boosts sales, profits and your profile. They have published 300+ authors in the last 25 years.

Attendees will learn:

• A proven way to make more money and sell more of your products/services
• Strategies for finding hundreds of prospects who want to buy what you sell
• How to generate many other additional sources of income
• How to completely differentiate yourself from your competition