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PDF to HTML5 eBook Software by PUB HTML5, Enrich PDF with Multimedia and Cross-platform Features

PDF to HTML5 eBook Software by PUB HTML5, Enrich PDF with Multimedia and Cross-platform Features

by Sharry HouAugust 6, 2014

PUB HTML5 recently released a PDF to HTML5 eBook software that gives readers a rich reading experience with just a few clicks. Converted PDF to HTML5 flipbooks are guaranteed supported by multiple platforms such as iPad, Android, Windows 8 tablets, PC, Mac, including industry standard formats like HTML5 and MOBI.

The rich and interactive eBooks are easily readable by humans with the latest HTML5 technology that has improved the language with support for the latest multimedia. With the PUB HTML5 online PDF to HTML5 turner, users can easily convert PDF files to HTML 5 and add interactivity, audios, videos, documents and HTML activities to create the most effective publication.

Because of PUB HTML5 converter, reaching a wider audience will be easier more than ever. Businessmen are encouraged to create HTML5 catalogues or publications than PDF since the latter doesn’t offer that much responsiveness. Since not all Public or shared computers may not have a PDF viewer installed, converting a PDF to HTML5 will make it easier for all clients to view the digital magazine.

Users can also unleash their creativity within them by using the multiple Custom Setting buttons to design their own digital magazines. Several templates, backgrounds, rich media and links can be inserted in an instant for a more worthwhile reading experience for the readers.

To publish the digital catalogue or magazine, users can upload the PDF file to This tool will help users to create online publications without having to wait for a long time. Users need not to worry since publhtml5 will host the digital magazine at the same time.

Who says digital publications should stay plain and boring? It’s about time for a big change. With PUB HTML5 PDF to HTML5 Flipboook converter, creating digital interactive magazines has never been this easy.

For more information, visit or check the 4Shared video about PUB HTML5 digital magazine software.

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