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New PDF Scan and Split Tool to Batch Deal PDF Files in Flexible Ways

New PDF Scan and Split Tool to Batch Deal PDF Files in Flexible Ways

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 28, 2014

A-PDFSoftware Company has launched a new PDF Scan and Split tool to scan large volume of documents and automatically convert them into separate PDF files. A-PDF Scan and Split is a powerful utility software designed to make filling large volumes of documents easier and more efficient.

“This software is a practical, easy to use solution that has simplified the filing process for people who have to scan and file large volumes of documents,” a spokesman said. “It saves time in the office by eliminating the need to scan the documents separately.”

A-PDF Scan and Split allows users to scan large volumes of unrelated documents, and automatically separate them into batches to create multiple PDF files. The batches may be separated by simply inserting a blank page between the documents to be separated. And then how to split a PDF file based on the blank page? The software will automatically detect the blank page and create a separate file at the start of the next page.

A printed barcode page can also be used to separate the documents, as the utility is able to recognize various types of barcode and then split PDF based upon the barcode inside the PDF file. Users can also have the option to use a ‘command line’ to tell the software the precise point they want it to separate the pages and create a new file. The software may be used to scan and split invoices, reports, brochures, and other types of documents. It can also be used to separate and batch previously scanned PDF files.

The program includes a wizard that guides the user through the steps to set up and use the software. Additionally, A-PDF Scan and Split works well without the purchase of other professional PDF software.

About the company

A-PDF is a Hong Kong based company which specializes in offering affordable PDF tools, including PDF mergers, splitters, password security software, converters and other utility software.

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