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Life Coach Classes Increase by 100% in Ontario

Life Coach Classes Increase by 100% in Ontario

by Matthew PaulsonAugust 11, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES (8/11/2014) – An unofficial survey was conducted by W. Granville Brown a Certified Master Trainer and Certified Professional Coach prior to conducting the first live certification class in the Toronto, Canada area for Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching. He said, “I wanted to get a feel for how people liked to learn. There wasn’t anything scientific about the survey; I only polled about one hundred random people. Interestingly enough over 80% said they would rather learn in a classroom setting because of the potential to interact. By the same token the same people were not dismissive of online learning or any other method of obtaining knowledge.”

That’s why W. Granville Brown in association with FIA offers both live classes and online classes for those interested in obtaining their Certified Professional Coach credentials. As to date there have been two live classes in Toronto and thus far the response has been positive and the attendance in the second class increased by 100%.

“I’m very proud of our live classes and the reaction of the graduates has been overwhelmingly positive. They truly enjoy the interaction and the exercises we do provides them with hands-on training that allows them to feel more confident in applying and mastering the techniques taught which makes it possible for them to start their own practice quickly after graduating.” Brown stated. He went on to say, “In fact a few of our grads were able to take on paying clients within the first week after the class which in itself is quite impressive and speaks to the true desire of people entering this great service industry. They really want to help other people enhance their lives.”

Brown explained, “For over thirty years this time tested and proven method of coaching has been instrumental in the success of thousands of Coaches around the world who have graduated from one of our courses. I believe the secret sauce, if you will, is its simplicity. My two day live class is power packed, informative and we get right to the point. When a person leaves the class they are fully prepared to start changing lives for the better and as a graduate myself, I’m living proof of that statement. Therefore I invite anyone that truly desires to become a Certified Professional Coach to enroll in one of my upcoming two day live certification classes. You won’t regret it.”

The next live 2 day intensive certification class is scheduled for 6-7 September 2014 and is held at the SW Hotel located at 5400 Dixie Road Mississauga, Ontario L4W4T4.

W. Granville Brown’s mantra is, “Don’t delay, register today and help change a life tomorrow.”

For further details contact him directly via e-mail or by phone: 647-405-6841. Website:

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