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LA Singles Are Choosing Local Matchmakers over Internet Dating

LA Singles Are Choosing Local Matchmakers over Internet Dating

by Greatnews PRAugust 20, 2014

Singles in Los Angeles are putting their online dating days behind and turning to a popular dating and matchmaking service, Los Angeles Singles, when it comes to finding love.

Encino, Los Angeles, CA, August 2014

One might think that in this modern tech world where access to potential local dates are readily available on the internet and online dating apps, such as Tinder, that one would find love quickly and easily. On the contrary, what many singles are finding is that people utilizing popular dating sites are very dishonest and they often have ulterior motives. Local singles are now turning to matchmaking services like Los Angeles Singles, to help them find the love they could not find on their own. Matchmaking services have lost that stigma they once had. They are proving to be the most effective way of meeting compatible local singles, especially in such a busy metropolis like Los Angeles.

Part of the success of matchmaking and dating services can be attributed to the many pitfalls of online dating. Matchmaking services, like Los Angeles Singles, have helped themselves prevail in the dating industry by adapting to modern day dating. They know people are sick of being burnt, they’re tired of the lack of privacy, and they’re done worrying about their safety and security with online dating sites. It’s not impossible to find love online, and it has definitely happened for some people, but the odds are not promising. But with a professional matchmaking service, the odds dramatically increase since all members are sincere and committed to finding love.

The matchmakers focus on long term potential and compatibility rather than simply sharing a few interests like with online dating. With an online dating site, two people might enjoy golfing, the same rock bands, or the same cuisine, but that doesn’t make them compatible. While online dating sites allow members to fantasize, with a personal matchmaker, dreams can become a reality. Los Angeles Singles Dating Service is a successful matchmaking and dating service catering to busy professional singles who are struggling to find time to date and meet the right partners on their own.

“With an online dating site, you’re just one in a million, but with Los Angeles Singles, it’s personal,” explains Los Angeles Singles matchmaker. Los Angeles Singles makes it a priority to get to know each and every client on a one-to-one basis to get to know them, their lifestyle, and their wants and needs in a partner. Los Angeles Singles goes the extra mile to ensure compatible matches for their busy clients, matches who have been prescreened and hand-selected.

Local singles who are ready to put their online dating days behind and start dating in a more efficient and personal manner can contact Los Angeles Singles today by calling (310) 438-5157 or by visiting:

About Los Angeles Singles:

Los Angeles Singles Dating Service is an alternative to online dating. The team of matchmakers have over 25 years of experience connecting busy professionals in the Los Angeles area. Their priority is always satisfaction for their clients and they take every step imaginable to make the introductions and the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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