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HTML5 Flip Book Maker Has Been Enhanced with Exclusive Features

HTML5 Flip Book Maker Has Been Enhanced with Exclusive Features

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 20, 2014

Flip HTML5 has upgraded its HTML5 flip book maker to version 2.0.0, impressing book and magazine readers across the globe with its new hip mobile features. With the latest version released by the company, users can create a more fluid experience for mobile readers on their devices. Many small details have been improved in this new release – most importantly, the elements of what it takes to make reading online or on a mobile device that much more splendid. Mobile readers can have more pleasure from reading when they slide fingers on the screen of iPad, iPhone, iOS device, or other mobile tablet. At the touch of a finger, content moves seamlessly to absorb more information and graphics.

Satisfactionfrom content creators and readers is what the company was aiming for. Templates are available for the quick HTML5 flip magazine conversion. It also allows content creators and designers to customize the look and feel of the interface and interactive elements by choosing background images, music, theme design and color, orientation and flip controls, navigation, and more. One can even convert photo to HTML5 page flip magazine with rich multimedia.

Users of the software are able to convert PDF documents into an online page turning book at for absolutely no charge. The software is free to use for its baseline features. The app provides page editor functions that allow for more fluid and interactive flip books to entice readers and customers. Content creators can also embed YouTube & Vimeo videos to create a life-like reading experience, tantalizing the senses. The app also features the ability to insert sliding text or a hot spot to highlight the important content. Finally, the app features a drag-and-drop desktop interface that is completely code-free, making it the preferred user-friendly digital app for publishing.

All of these new upgrades are available on the Flip HTML5 company website. Those new to Flip HTML5 can sign up for a free account and start publishing today and take advantage of the newest upgrades.

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