HTML5 Digital Magazine Software Helps Millions to Publish HTML5 and Css3 eBooks from PDF

PUB HTML5 now provides different editions of HTML5 digital magazine software to meet varied needs of publishers. This gives publishers the opportunity to select the most efficient solutions for their particular needs and create HTML5 and css3 ebook from PDF.

With PUB HTML5 tools, users can upload PDF files to their cloud service at no cost. Immediately the PDF files are uploaded, they will be converted to HTML5 flip books. These HTML5 flip books will then be displayed at The advantage of this is that there are millions of people across the world visiting this site and they will be able to read these books on any internet-enabled device such as iPad, Android devices, PC and iPhone.

PUB HTML5 is definitely one of the best digital publications software that is giving publishers incredible online experience.

There are many publishers who are already using the ultimate HTML5 digital magazine software and most of them have given positive feedback to the software. These are some of their reviews: “It is all-in-one digital publishing solution for all businesses, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals.” – Oscar Denny. “Probably the best digital publications software I’ve seen so far. I am deeply impressed by how easily you can turn a plain PDF into a 3D Virtual Book as a beginner!” – Jack.

PUB HTML5 is among the top providers of HTML5 digital publishing solutions for all kinds of businesses, individuals and organizations. They have high-tech publishing software that allows publishers to convert different printed materials, including PDF files, into digital editions by a few clicks. The PUB HTML5 tools help their customers to digitize their printed content at no extra cost. They also offer reliable technical support and help their clients get the best out of their digital publishing tools.

Look at the following Vimeo video to learn to create HTML5 digital magazine with easy steps:

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