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HTML5 Digital Catalog Software to Create Interesting Interactive Digital Product Catalog

HTML5 Digital Catalog Software to Create Interesting Interactive Digital Product Catalog

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 2, 2014

The HTML5 Digital Catalog Software transforms traditional and boring catalogues into stylish and interesting ones. Any business could purchase this software and move a step higher in their progress by attracting new, potential customers.

The free, HTML5 Digital Catalog Software is a software that helps to develop businesses by keeping up with the latest technology. By changing an ordinary market into a digitalized one the software has well researched the needs and wants of the customer and thereby has made amendments to the ordinary traditional market place.

HTML5 Digital Catalog Software improves any digital shopping catalogue by letting images, audios, videos, hyperlinks, logos and even statistical tools to be added onto the catalogue. The feature of sharing the catalogue through main stream social media gives it the ability to promote the business and increase the number of potential customers. This software therefore provides a number of solutions to improve customer engagement in a digitalized market place and assists the customer to imagine and customize his own market place by making use of customized tools. The software allows to add attractive information like videos, animations and audios in a pop-up manner.

This free HTML5 flipbook software also ensures that displayed content could be viewed from latest mobile devices as well as conventional desktop browsers. This makes sure that it could be accessed by any user at any time. This also implies that the software is compatible with almost all the electronic devices, including all the innovative and latest devices such as iPads, iPhones, MAC devices, KINDLE FIRE device, and Android devices. The ability to view the catalogue from any device enables the digital catalog to reach a large number of customers. Customers could enjoy an inspiring shopping experience from wherever they are in minutes, through the HTML5 Digital Catalog Software software, by simply sliding a set of interesting pages.

For more information, go to or check Vimeo video about the PUB HTML5 Digital Catalog Creator.

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