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Flip HTML5 is Ideal eBook Publishing Solution for eBook Stores and Independent Authors

Flip HTML5 is Ideal eBook Publishing Solution for eBook Stores and Independent Authors

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 25, 2014

This software is the latest, most convenient software available in the market for online digital publishing. The innovative ideas and features included in this software pave a great way to attract customers and increase sales. This publishing solution is an excellent tool that could be used to give a new look for e-book stores and websites which would flip a new page in their business carrier.

This interactive HTML5 eBook publishing solution is perfect for all kinds of book stores, online magazines and websites as Flip HTML5 let the publications display on a showcase which is an effective manner to attract customers to digitalized publications. Some of the major companies like Nike, IBM, Dell, Time Warner Cable, Xerox uses Flip HTML5 on their website as a digital publishing platform which shows the trust and reliance one could experience with Flip HTML5.

All publications uploaded to Flip HTML5 service can be displayed in a digital bookcase and embedded into a website. For potential users referring convenience, in the middle of the Flip HTML5 website, is a bookcase demo which displays online e-books in a very effective and attractive manner. This bookcase feature is available at all five pricing plans of Flip HTML5, which also includes the free trial.

The traditional PDF files could be turned into more interactive files through Flip HTML5 and they also could be fully customized and designed according to your style while personalizing them. The software Flip HTML5 also includes a page editor which enriches media and an animation editor which enriches the content making it more interactive.

Making shopping an inspiring experience, Flip HTML5 has been able to boost sales within seconds of creating a digital flip book catalogue or magazine. The ability to use this software anytime anywhere, which is compatible with almost all mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, makes life easier. The multi-linguistic user interface makes this software a world-wide hit for a better new experience in digital online marketing.

Experience the Flip HTML5 software for an excellent digital publishing solution specially designed for the development of e-book stores and websites.

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