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Flip Builder Free Catalog Maker – Present Digital Interactive Catalog to Customer Effortlessly

Flip Builder Free Catalog Maker – Present Digital Interactive Catalog to Customer Effortlessly

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 8, 2014

FlipBuilder has made a name for itself by providing teachers, students, and others seeking to publish online content with reliable and attractive options to produce a variety of publications. People have already successfully used the site to create magazines and much more.

They seek to expand their services by announcing their easy-to-use Flip Builder free catalog maker software. With online shopping having become a popular, convenient option, Flip Builder understands the need for businesses to produce eye-catching catalogs that will inspire customers to make a purchase.

The affordable and easy-to-use catalog creator allows businesses to connect with customers through attractive layouts and an embed option that allows one to put the completed catalog on company websites. The ability to embed videos, audio, and more allows businesses the opportunity to deepen their connection with potential customers.

The program also comes with a tool to track performance via Google analytics and allows one to distribute their catalog via disc and removable drives. In addition, Flip Builder provides users with a format that will reach people no matter how they get their online content. This feature is especially important, as many people now view content on smart phones and other similar devices.

The Flip Builder program supports a variety of languages and has a wide variety of options for sharing a catalog once it’s completed on social media sites. For more information about the Flip Builder catalog creator, please visit the Flip Builder website.

About Flip Builder

Flip Builder is a relatively new company, but has quickly built a reputation for providing outstanding products and services that meet the ever-changing needs of online marketers and other content creators. They work with each customer to provide any desired customizations and can handle most any online publication project from newsletters, to books, and much more.

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Elsa D. Arnold
FlipBuilder is an innovative and revolutionary platform for professionals to publish their digital books online. The company serves the industry by providing easy-to-use tool to thousands of online publishers. For more information about FlipBuilder, please visit their website at