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Excellent PDF Merger Now Available for Download at

Excellent PDF Merger Now Available for Download at

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 11, 2014

PDF merger tool is an important daily-use tool that helps people who are busy with paperwork. Recently, provides users the A-PDF Merger, an affordable PDF merger tool which is much easier to use than its competitors.

A-PDF Merger is a tool for people who need to merge multiple PDF files into one PDF. The software is also utilized to combine many image files into a single document. The application proves to be a helpful tool for those who frequently deal with Acrobat PDF files.

Besides PDF, A-PDF also specializes in merging the many kinds of files, such as Office file in the format of .doc, .DOCX, .pptx, .xlsx, etc. It even has the ability to convert popular snap format which was scanned to PDF.

A-PDF Merger is especially useful when someone is running a small business or a home business. The tool works in a simple way (check YouTube video tutorial about A-PDF Merger):

Step 1, add the PDF files that need to be merged. User can use the easy “Drag and Drop rule” to add PDF file into the software conveniently.

Step2, arrange the imported files and customize the output PDF.

Step3, click on the “merge” button.

Once the tool is purchased and licensed, userscan merge files for infinite times. It is pretty handy for the office workers who often deal with PDF in their daily work.

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