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Educational Media Company “EQtainment” Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Educational Media Company “EQtainment” Launches Kickstarter Campaign

by Matthew PaulsonAugust 12, 2014

Mompreneur On a Mission to Promote Emotional Intelligence

LIGHTNING RELEASES — LOS ANGELES, AUGUST 12, 2014 – EQtainment, an educational media company developed by Harvard graduate, TV personality and mompreneur Sofia Dickens, today launched a Kickstarter campaign to create products that will promote emotional intelligence (EQ) learning for children. The campaign goal is to fund the production of adventure books and “Q’s Race to the Top,” the board game component of EQtainment’s curriculum.

EQtainment was born when Dickens, a former Jeopardy! on-air correspondent and Channel One anchor, began thinking about a parenting strategy for her three kids. As a host of Channel One, Dickens anchored the largest educational news program seen by eight million kids daily. As a member of the Jeopardy Clue Crew, Dickens traveled the world presenting trivia questions on air, hosting Brain Bus events and Jeopardy! Classroom Tours. 

At the core of EQtainment is a lovable dusky leaf monkey named “Q” who lives with the Wunder Family. “Q” is very smart yet lacks emotional intelligence. “Q’s Race to the Top” and accompanying adventure books will be released after the Kickstarter campaign.

“The mission of EQtainment is to make practicing emotional intelligence fun and affordable and to offer parents simple ways to promote emotional intelligence in the home,” said Dickens. “Parents and kids have been testing “Q’s Race to the Top” for nearly a year and the response has been tremendous.”

While nearly all school learning focuses on building children’s IQ, a growing body of research suggests that improved EQ may better prepare children for academics, social interactions and even long-term success. Emotional intelligence includes: reading social cues, self-motivation, delaying gratification, coping with life’s ups and downs, managing relationships, decision making and problem solving. 

The Kickstarter campaign is running for 30 days and allows investors the opportunity to track the progress of the product along the way.


EQtainment is an educational media company for kids that makes fun and affordable games, toys and videos to promote emotional intelligence. Sofia Dickens is the founder and CEO of EQtainment and a mother of three. When she was identifying educational goals for her kids, Sofia saw that only a select few schools were teaching the abilities that can profoundly impact a child’s future–emotional intelligence. For more information, please visit

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