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Custom AR-15 Parts Available at Max Blagg

Custom AR-15 Parts Available at Max Blagg

by WireService.coAugust 7, 2014

The AR-15 is one of the most customizable rifles on the market, and Max Blagg has everything needed to build a rifle from the ground up. Commercial rifles are available, but many choose to build theirs for the experience and pleasure of building their own rifles.

Each part of the rifle is carefully selected for the quality of materials.


Max Blagg features several barrels from many different manufacturers.  A variety of twists mean an owner can customize their own AR-15 for a specific use.

“Lots of our customers are looking for a rifle for precision shooting or varmint hunting.  Depending on your needs, we can help you find the perfect barrel,” said Josh Shogren, spokesperson for Max Blagg.


A variety of stocks from fixed position to stocks with adjustable cheekplates are also featured.  “The adjustable stock is the best choice for 90 percent of our shooters.  The stocks will fit youth up to shooters with an above-average pull,” said Shogren.  Max Blagg also has a large variety of machined uppers and lowers.  Lowers do require an FFL transfer.

“The lower has the serial number and the trigger mechanism.  This means you will have to complete an FFL form and an FFL license holder to receive it,” said Shogren.

Ultimately, the choices are down to the customer, but Max Blagg’s staff is ready to answer any and all questions.  “All of our staff are gun enthusiasts and AR-15 owners as well.  We have plenty of scopes and additional accessories that will make your AR-15 distinctly yours,” said Shogren.  New products are added on a regular basis, so check regularly to see what is in stock.

“Stock rotates quickly, so what is on the website may not be representative of what we have on hand.  It is best to call or email with specific questions,” said Shogren.

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