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Consumer Favorite PUB HTML5 Digital Brochure Maker Has Been Upgraded with New Features

Consumer Favorite PUB HTML5 Digital Brochure Maker Has Been Upgraded with New Features

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 4, 2014

PUB HTML5 just got even better than before, and customers are elated.

The brilliant designers at just released a brand new upgrade to its innovative HTML5 digital brochure maker that has a reputation for its easy use and creating a superior online digital browsing experience for readers of online content. Referred to as the “bloom of the mobile internet”, this online digital software is fresh and fun.

What’s even better? Consumers and designers can use this amazing software to bolster their business or organization online for free.

If users can handle the PUB HTML5 logo being on their digital copy, the team at PUB HTML5 will gladly let them utilize their software for free. The Premium users, for a nominal monthly fee, can pay for an upgraded version of the software to release even more features and benefits.

PUB HTML5 free online brochure maker has earned innumerable customers’ high praise since its launched months ago. The company has now announced the upgrade of its HTML5 digital brochure maker, the buzz is certainly going around. Perfect for nonprofits, schools, small businesses and even large companies, this HTML5 brochure maker allows a user to create interactive and multimedia-rich brochures that change the way online readers absorb information.

PUB HTML5 makes creating, reading, and learning new online content fun again. The HTML5 digital brochure software can benefit users with much more ease. Completed projects can be distributed online, shared on social media, and sent via email, for example. People can reach a large amount of audiences in a short amount of time, creating gains of efficiency. The software also allows users to add multimedia elements including video, audio, image, photo slideshow, swf animation to more to an HTML5 digital brochure.

Visit the PUB HTML5 website at: to create a new account and start a new project. Or check the DailyMotion video about HTML5 flipbook software.

multimedia elements in the flip page

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