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CKYE RED FM 93.1 on Suing Indo-Canadians spree, amidst loosing CRTC demands, probable $ 20 Million Counter case

CKYE RED FM 93.1 on Suing Indo-Canadians spree, amidst loosing CRTC demands, probable $ 20 Million Counter case

by Matthew PaulsonAugust 20, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 08/20/14 –Surrey BC. Jazmin Sanghera. CRTC in their last meeting allotted in the City of Surrey, to South Fraser Broadcasting a new FM radio Station 107.7. Sukhi Badh, while talking to OMNI explained the need of Surrey listeners, with demographics with special emphasis to Indo-Canadians next generation, who predominantly speak 60% English and 40% Punjabi.

CKYE RED FM 93.1 was not allotted any expanded Transmitters in Vancouver or Abbottsford, among other Indo-Canadians, who applied for another Ethnic Special radio Station in Vancouver and Lower Mainland. Sarb Gill, UBC Student is thrilled and looking forward to 107.7 FM., reasoning “we’ll have a real radio Station to cater to Surrey and Indo-Canadians, versus RED FM”, which has lost its importance due to its Non-Canadian content. “Most of their programme, news is based  on and from Punjab , India, while we are suffering in the main stream media, for our issues and culture, living in Canada”, we love to remember our past, but we need to work on our future here in Canada”, RED FM has failed to deliver, it has just become a Voice of Punjab Politicians, said Gurnam Sidhu.

Meanwhile, according to reliable sources CKYE RED FM 93.1, (South Asian Broadcasting Corporation) ceo Kulwinder Sanghera has filed defamation cases in BC Supreme courts, against complaints of “Red FM Payola”, scheme, including and not limited to a campaign undertaken for violating “Employee Firing”, under BC Employment rules, of their Punjabi host Baltej Pannu, currently residing in Patiala. CKYE RED FM 93.1 Lawyers have been busy last month , on the directions of Kulwinder Sanghera, to issue letters, threatening 5 prominent Indo-Canadians, for defamation, in his bid to gag the Indo-Canadian community. “Guru Nanak” entrance gate REDFM 93.1 radio thon collections of $ 3 Million dollars, for Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation, issue has not only reached the Health Minister of BC, Mr. Terry Lake, but other Canadian Government Agencies.

One of the Indo-Canadians, on condition of anonymity, sued by South Asian Broadcasting Corporation, ceo Kulwinder Sanghera, infact welcomed the case with plans to counter sue him for $ 20 Million dollars.

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