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by Matthew PaulsonAugust 7, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES (8/7/2014) – ChronoScribe is a new project dedicate to history, the news, and to the people. A free-to-use public tool which will provide people access to objective information about world events in chronological order as they occurred anywhere on the globe. You will be able to point to a spot on the globe and find out what happened there or nearby, and when it happened. This eagle’s eye view of history is the goal of co-founders Jon Martinez and Jesus Salazar, two engineers who are friends from college and have an ambitious dream: to make world history accessible to everyone and to provide a place for people to share and make sense of history on their terms. 

Ken Burns, filmmaker and historian, has teamed up with ChronoScribe because he thinks it is a terrific tool for the future of history. He advocates for the creation of ChronoScribe because it will help us know where we’ve been and where we are going. “Using it, we will be able to piece history together ourselves and see where events and our individual timelines intersect with the fabric of time. We want to make history more accessible to everyone.”

Noam Chomsky, linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, activist, and retired MIT professor, hopes to bring ChronoScribe to people’s attention. He says, “This project sounds like a fascinating idea.” Over the past half century, Chomsky has been as the forefront of such new ideas as cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence, and computer science. ChronoScribe is in good company!

JJ Rutherford, director of education for History Colorado sees ChronoScribe as a way to get history into the hands of kids. “Getting primary sources and first person accounts into the hands of kids is critical, and ChronoScribe is an innovative way to connect kids to primary sources that are hard to access in libraries and museums. It lets kids experience history first hand instead of reading a textbook passage.”

The support of these and others has brought ChronoScribe to launch an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to help raise $100,000 to fund an initial prototype which showcases ChronoScribe’s capabilities. Students will be able to use it for research, ordinary people can use it to make more sense of the world news, and families will be able to trace their lineage and see what events affected their predecessors. Everyone will be able to learn what happened right where they stand. The number of uses will expand as the open sourced information grows on ChronoScribe.

ChronoScribe is asking for more voices to join the chorus in supporting this project. Please watch our short video and find more information about ChronoScribe, its founders, and ways to help on the campaign page here:

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