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Book Parade! with Richard Wills Features 21 Year Old CEO Phenom and Award Winning Author

Book Parade! with Richard Wills Features 21 Year Old CEO Phenom and Award Winning Author

by Richard WillsAugust 19, 2014

RJ Tolson is a man on the move. You can find him traveling coast to coast from New England to Los Angeles encouraging youths and young adults across the country to excel to their full potential by reading and using their imagination.

August 18, 2014 – Los Angeles, Calif. – Book Parade! with Richard Wills, a television talk show designed for book authors, experts and entrepreneurs featured 21 year old, one man powerhouse, RJ Tolson who has two enlightening books that are making waves around the country. RJ’s hottest creation is entitled Zephyr The West Wind. “This book is not just a good vs. evil story, it’s much more” stated Wills, “it’s an epic with the elements of action and adventure, you have science fiction, fantasy, fairy tales, myths and legends, superheroes, alien beings, folk tales and paranormal to make this an extravaganza that’s ideal for teens, young adults and children”.

When you hear RJ’s newly released Zephyr The West Wind Soundtrack you’ll see why it’s evident that legendary composer John Williams had an impact on his life. RJ’s introduction to classical music began when he was a young lad going to the symphony with his grandparents to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra being conducted by John Williams. These types of events provided RJ with role models who would help mold his life into the multi-talented musician, lyricist and composer that he is today. RJ stated that this introduction to classical music had such an impact on him that after his first semester at Whittier College he interviewed with the Boston Symphony for a Composers Summer Internship. This led RJ to not only composing a musical piece, but also performing his composition as a solo on the guitar before John Williams and other judges.

In addition to his book Zephyr The West Wind, RJ shared with the audience his National Literacy Campaign which is inspiring young people to read and write. In conjunction with this project, RJ discussed his recently released non-fiction self-help book, Project Limitless Volume I: The Success Initiative. Wills added that “the Success Initiative is a next level motivational and self-improvement book; with exercises after each chapter, the reader can examine and test themselves to see where they are now, and where they wish to be”. Wills continued “the book creates a remarkable bridge between motivation and improvement, success and innovation, philosophy, epistemology, entrepreneurship, money, consciousness and thought, business, time, investing and stress management”.

Wills wrapped up the show with RJ sharing the experience from his speaking engagements at Whittier High School in Whittier, CA and at Oscar Nominee and Emmy Award-Winning Actress Cicely Tyson’s Community School of Performing and Fine Arts in East Orange, NJ. During these engagements RJ emphasized to the student body that they are no longer competing on a national level, but on a global level. His message was “strive to be great”.

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