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Asante Launches MySnap, the world’s first and only customizable insulin pump

Asante Launches MySnap, the world’s first and only customizable insulin pump

by Matthew PaulsonAugust 7, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Sunnyvale, CA (8/7/2014) – Asante Solutions, Inc., manufacturer of the Asante Snap™ Insulin Pump, has launched MySnap, a service that allows insulin pump users to customize their Snap pumps, making Snap the world’s first and only customizable insulin pump.  

MySnap allows people with diabetes to truly customize the look of their insulin pump. Snap users can choose from a large variety of colors for frames, faces, and accents in designing the look of their pump.  

“No two people with diabetes are alike,” said Ken El-Sherif, Vice President of Marketing for Asante. “So we developed MySnap to bring color customization to the diabetes community. There are literally hundreds of color combinations for people to choose from, allowing each person to express their individuality.”

El-Sherif continued, “We started showing the MySnap concept to people with diabetes, and we found that they really loved the ability to express their unique personal style. Some people said that their insulin pump had always felt like a very serious, somber medical device. Now with MySnap, their pump can be a reflection of their personal style.”

Because Snap is all about simplicity, Asante made it simple to design the look of the pump. Now people with diabetes can visit the design studio at and design the look of their own pump in three simple steps. Once their color design is complete, Asante’s manufacturing team will receive the specifications and build the pump that is unique to each person at their Silicon Valley headquarters.

Melissa Lee of Sweetly Voiced diabetes advocacy blog said, “Year after year we have been begging manufacturers to make our medical devices feel less drab.  I am excited to go online and design the look of my pump to match my personal style.”

Asante will begin to ship MySnap pumps on November 24th of this year. Anyone who purchases a Snap pump between now and then will receive a free MySnap pump. Any current Snap user is able to take advantage of the Simple Upgrade program to upgrade to MySnap for $99. Asante offers a free trial of its Snap insulin pump for 30 days, including the support of a Certified Diabetes Edcuator.* Contact Asante at 855-4-ASANTE for more information or to get started.

About the Asante Snap Insulin Pump

The Asante Snap Insulin Pump is designed to be an easy-to-use system for those on intensive insulin therapy. In developing Snap, Asante scrutinized and improved each step of the pumping process, from filling the pump to the user interface to detecting occlusions to pricing. The resulting Snap Insulin Pump is the only pump that features a prefilled insulin cartridge, which is just one aspect of the design that lets patients spend less time working on their pump and more time enjoying their lives. More product details are available at

About Asante Solutions, Inc.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Asante Solutions, Inc. is a privately-held medical device company developing simple solutions for diabetes. For more information, visit


*The Snap system requires a prescription from a physician. Void where prohibited. Offer is not valid for prescriptions reimbursed or paid under Medicare, Medicaid, or any government (public insurance) programs.

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