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Anaheim Mixtape: Dangerous by Mi Gente Crew (Colorado Springs, CO)

Anaheim Mixtape: Dangerous by Mi Gente Crew (Colorado Springs, CO)

Anaheim Mixtape is proud to feature Mi Gente Crew from Colorado Springs, CO on our Volume 1 mixtape. This group along with their family have been a huge part of our lives for the last few years. We have built a strong relationship working together to reach the people of Colorado and New Mexico through Gospel Hip Hop. Connect with them if you plan on touring through the state of Colorado. SOG Crew will be visiting The Flip Side in Colorado on August 16, 2014.

Mi Gente Crew:
By a vision of John and Annamaria Montano, Pastors at Church of the Most High (COTMH) and owners of Mi Gente Customs, a local rim and clothing shop in Southern Colorado Springs; the seeds they planted, and encouragement they continue to bestow, helped them create a music ministry for God.

The Mi Gente Crew consists of five members; J Biz, DJ M&M, J5, Antoine and Arlizzy. Choosing the form of rap as their main genre of music, R.A.P. to them means: Righteous Anointed Praise, along with quotes from the Bible and faith dialogues to reach today’s youth. For just being together in ministry for three years, Mi Gente Crew is growing stronger each year and have all made a covenant to be vessels for their Lord and Savior.

The Mi Gente Crew would like to thank all people and ministries who have blessed Tha Flipside with their presence and they look forward to have other ministries to come to Southern Colorado as well. Their CD “Dangerous” is now available on iTunes and you can add them on any social networks. Honor and glory to Jesus Christ for His grace and mercy, the main reason Mi Gente Crew does what they do. Amen.

They named their group, “Mi Gente Crew,” which in English translates to “My People,” with hopes to reach the youth in their community they have converted part of the church into a music venue called, “Tha Flipside.” This is where various artists from around the states travel to, and there they share the ministry that God has given them. Other ministries such as S.O.G. Crew, MVP & Rollah, IC Jonez, H.O.G.M.O.B., and many others have united with the Mi Gente Crew to form an outreach at Tha Flipside to plant seeds and save souls for the Kingdom of God.

Anaheim Mixtape: Dangerous by Mi Gente Crew (Colorado Springs, CO)

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