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Affordable Digital Publishing Plans by PUB HTML5 Now Accessible Online

Affordable Digital Publishing Plans by PUB HTML5 Now Accessible Online

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 18, 2014

PUBHTML5 is blazing the trail in digital publications with its affordable digital publishing plans. For businesses that want to improve user experience, PUB HTML5 offers a digital platform for publishing media such as magazines, catalogues and brochures. Businesses that use this platform to create their publications are assured of media that is vivid, rich and captivating.

One of the best things about using this platform is that publications can be accessed from a variety of mobile platforms. It allows people to read on PC, MAC, iPads, iPhones and android devices, while fulfilling the expectations of dynamic content. With the increased usage of mobile devices to access information, this feature is certainly a plus.  For those on a mission to reduce printing costs and improve turnaround time, PUBHTML5 offers the perfect solution. It’s also an ideal option for those keen on preserving the planet

PUBHTML5 boasts a phenomenal Cloud service coupled with powerful distribution features. This platform provides a variety of features to enhance the quality of publications. For example, users can enrich their content with multimedia objects; convert PDF, MS Office and image files to HTML5 interactive ones.  Numerous pre-designed templates are also provided in the software; users can create online flipbook silently using Command Line.

PUBHTML5 is there every step of the way throughout the publication process. Once publication is complete, users can easily distribute content using the Share on Network feature. This feature further optimizes awareness of completed publication without compromising the quality of the content. These days’ people most people prefer to watch videos rather than read content. Businesses can appeal to a wide cross-section of audiences by embedding MP4 or YouTube video to their publication. This makes the publication far more vivid and interesting than using words.

To start using this amazing platform, a free plan is available, but this restricts the options available. There are, however, four additional options available which give access to more features. Plans start as low as $9.99 per month for a Pro plan, $24.99 for a Gold plan, $20 for a platinum plan (billed annually) and $799 for a permanent plan.

PUBHTML5 is a trusted platform for many digital publications across the globe. In fact, more than 30,000 companies have already engaged this platform for their digital publications. Among them are CNN Money, Forbes, The Guardian, AOL and Business Insider – just to name a few. One user of the PUB HTML5, Brian Williams, says, “PUBHTML5 will be one of the most popular publishing platforms in the future, I have never imagined the HTML5 publishing technology can be so powerful! However, the PUBHTML5 team achieves it. Choose PUBHTML5, meet the bloom of internet mobile.”

To know more features of PUB HTML5:

Fast and easy publishing digital catalog

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