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A Powerful PPT to PDF Converter Now Has Been Introduced by A-PDF

A Powerful PPT to PDF Converter Now Has Been Introduced by A-PDF

by Elsa D. ArnoldAugust 18, 2014

PowerPoint presentations are excellent for quick, easy and creative presentations that are useful for many occasions. This splendid way of putting information together has been utilized by companies, individuals, schools, groups, etc. to highlight information that is critical for discussion.

Naturally, after such presentations persons will want to obtain a copy of the presentation to share with others or for use later. Protecting the information embedded in the PowerPoint is essential for copyright purposes as well as for preserving the authorship of the document. has developed a solution for many users, the A-PDF PPT to PDF converter. This technology allows users to edit and convert MS Office PPT  to PDF file whilst retaining the look and feel of a PowerPoint presentation.

The software is designed with ease of access in mind, as it allows users to convert one or more PowerPoint presentations into batches of PowerPoint files and possess the ability to save the outputs by writing them to a file directory that converts and saves the files automatically.

Whilst some computer programs are difficult to understand, the A-PDF PPT to PDF is easy to use because it comes with a step by step guide for users to comprehend the program quickly which saves time in handling batches of files. In addition, the program contains a context sensitive feature which supports one step saving and gets the job done in minutes instead of hours or days as with many other software programs.

Accuracy is of the essence, as many document users want to ensure that any computer program can maintain the original format of its converted file. The A-PDF PPT to PDF tool boasts this feature, as it retains the original layout of the document, and even has a combine and merge multiple document feature to top it off. What’s more, users can change the page size while converting PPT to PDF if needed.

Of course, one would think that such a useful program would cost a fortune. Coincidentally for shoppers they will get all the great value the software offers for just  thirty-nine dollars ($39), which is cheaper than the cost for the Adobe Acrobat Pro.

A-PDF PPT to PDF converter possess other features such as an inbuilt command line, the ability to create bookmarks and watermarks which improve authentication, an added security feature such as password security and viewer options. is the supplier of this ingenious product and many others, such as PDF Merger, Splitter, Password Security, Converter, and now the A PDF PPT to PDF converter. All their products are fitted with step by step guides that instruct users how to maximize the use of their software. They even offer customers free trials to allow for test runs from potential customers.

Now that this software has been officially launched, persons can purchase the product by visiting their website at:

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