A-PDF OCR – The Latest Software To Convert PDF/ Paper Documents Into Editable Files

The Affordable PDF Tools (A-PDF) team is delighted to introduce the latest PDF OCR utility programA-PDF OCR to its loyal users. This small but fast software help accurately OCR scanned PDF and scanned paper documents into text files or searchable PDF files fast and easily.

This is the ideal software to OCR PDF documents. This tool allows the user to either OCR the document fully or partially. With this tool in hand, users, especially office workers who has to scan a number of PDF files and image files could scan and convert them into PDF OCR and image OCR file formats efficiently. One of the satisfied users mentioned the helpfulness of the program as follows: “First, I’d like to say: Thanks! This is a great little utility. In fact, I’ve been wanting something like this for many years. I will be using this utility to combine yearly scans of all my financial records.”

Correcting grammatical errors and misspelled words and editing text no more requires the support of MS Word. With the text editor and the in-built spell check tool, edits and corrections can be done without a hassle. Once the necessary edits and corrections are done the user could save the final output document in 3 formats, that is either as a text file, a PDF file or else as a ZIP file. Expanding the user base, A-PDF OCR is developed to support 10 widely used languages including English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Using this user friendly highly efficient A-PDF OCR tool requires the user only to complete four simple steps;

  1. Installation – The user has to install the A-PDF OCR software in a computer that has a Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Operating System
  2. Launching and scanning – The user has to launch the software to open PDF or Image files. At this point scanning the particular file is also made possible
  3. Click the ‘OCR Selected’ option to extract text. Preview of the extracted text is visible at the bottom
  4. Save the output text in a suitable format (text/PDF/ZIP)

Have a lookat the FAQ: How to convert Extract Text from uneditable scanned PDF and images by using A-PDF OCR? Or check the YouTube video tutorial about the powerful PDF OCR tool.

For more information visit: http://www.a-pdf.com/.

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