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Young Addicts in Wye Mills Finding Hope by Calling New Helpline

Young Addicts in Wye Mills Finding Hope by Calling New Helpline

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 22, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07-17/14 – There isn’t an easy way for an adolescent to overcome drugs and alcohol, but it’s vitally important for their overall success. Thankfully a new helpline serving troubled teens in Wye Mills, MD is offering teenagers at chance at recovery from their addiction problems. By calling the helpline at (410) 690-3667 any time during the daytime or nighttime, an adolescent can take the first step towards turning their life around and living drug and alcohol free.

A helpline is a great resource because it can connect adolescents to a teen recovery center with qualified substance abuse therapists. Getting support and advice from trusted individuals such as family and friends can be helpful for an adolescent struggling with addiction, but those people often do not have the same training and expertise as those specialists who have dedicated their life to assisting teenagers with sobriety. Those who would like to learn more about the process of recovering from substance abuse can also visit the corresponding website,, before or after calling the helpline.

About the troubled teen helpline for Wye Mills, MD:

Adolescents in Wye Mills, MD are just as likely to fall victim to the dangers of addiction as anywhere else in the country. By calling (410) 690-3667 or sending any email to a teenager can begin to turn their life around and start living drug and alcohol free.

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