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Troubled Teens Living in Ruffin Can Breathe Easy Thanks to New Helpline

Troubled Teens Living in Ruffin Can Breathe Easy Thanks to New Helpline

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 25, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/21/14 — Young adults are going to explore and interact with their environment, but that does not mean they need to succumb to a significant substance abuse problem. When an adolescent does start to head down that road, getting them help right away is incredibly important for rehabilitation. The sooner an adolescent starts the rehabilitation process, the sooner they can put their drug and alcohol abuse behind them. Finding a teen rehabilitation center with qualified substance abuse therapists is one of the best ways for a young adult to turn their life around. By calling a troubled teen helpline, teenagers in Ruffin, NC can find the teen rehabilitation center which offers a real chance for sobriety. Call the helpline now at (336) 939-8069 and start finding a place where sobriety is a real possibility.

The helpline is a great resource and it also features a website which can be reached at for more information. The helpline can offer real advice and guidance for any teenager searching for a place to turn their life around. Call or go online today and find out how adolescent treatment facilities are the best way to get clean and stay clean in the long run.

About the troubled teen helpline for Ruffin:

Drinking and drug use in Ruffin, NC is a serious issue, but adolescents can often have trouble finding assistance. The new helpline for Ruffin and surrounding areas can be reached at (336) 939-8069 or you can send an email to for more information about the benefits of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

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