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The Fourth Dimension of Existence

The Fourth Dimension of Existence

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 17, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/17/14 —“The Fourth Dimension of Existence” is a rational, non-fiction search for the fourth dimension of existence. The subject of creation, eternity and all the possible limits of this universe are discussed. Saad explains how religious revelations, ethical values and resurrection of the body can all be accompanied with logical answers through the fourth dimension.

Both religion and science have attempted to answer a number of questions surrounding these theories, but nothing has been widely accepted. Saad writes this narrative to show readers that these theories haven’t been proven because the world is looking through the wrong dimensional perspective. All topics surrounding the explanation of life, or life after death can only be answered through the fourth dimension.

The book draws on Saad’s unique education in both philosophy and theology alongside his rigorous training in atomic physics. Saad feels that through fusion of the methodologies used in science, philosophy and religion may yield logical answers to the questions humans have been asking for centuries by relating to a fourth “existential” dimension, an aspect untouched by books discussing similar topics.

“It’s crucial to recognize the reality of the fourth ‘existential’ dimension,” says Saad. “Its existence will be rationally proven. Basing this search on scientific laws and theories, it will be shown how this fourth dimension will answer these unanswered questions about the universe, this existence and our place in it.”

This book will be particularly thoughtful for readers who want to understand and rationalize the universe, our life and our existence.

“The Fourth Dimension of Existence” is available for sale online at, on Kindle and other channels.

About the Author:

Dr. Nasr Saad was born and raised in Lebanon. He earned degrees in philosophy and theology from the University of Saint Joseph in Beirut. As the years progressed, he embarked on a move to Canada where he earned his doctorate in atomic physics. Over the course of his career, Saad has taught high school and university level classes in both Lebanon and Canada. Currently, he resides with his family in Ontario.

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