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PUB HTML5 Flipbook Software: Free to Create An Unlimited Number of Digital Publications

PUB HTML5 Flipbook Software: Free to Create An Unlimited Number of Digital Publications

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 11, 2014

PUB HTML5 is pleased to announce the introduction of an HTML5 flipbook software which can be used to publish infinite number of HTML5 digital magazines, shopping catalogs, user guides, brochures, e-newsletters and a variety of other items online for free.


The reviews have been positive; below is one out of many reviews written by users, “Probably the best digital publications software I’ve seen so far. I am deeply impressed how easily you can turn a plain PDF into 3D Virtual Book as a beginner!”

The HTML5 flipbook software is capable of delivering a memorable and outstanding reading and shopping experience to the readers. HTML5 flipbook created by the software is accessible from all leading mobile platforms which include iOS, Android and Win8.

The many features of the software include the ability to publish interactive HTML5 brand digital brochure online, create digital catalogs from PDFs, build in high definition images and embed videos, cross platform delivery and mobile friendly nature, ability to edit animations, full navigation toolbar, MS Office conversion, a powerful and secure cloud platform to publish on, easy image conversion, ability to import hyperlinks, an administration and management tool which helps manage online books.

Other feature include an advertising banner option improving interactivity with the reader, integrated Google AdSense, ability to save as a WordPress Plugin, 10+ online templates, ability to insert audio to digital product catalogs, HTML or Zip publication, search engine optimization, ability to view offline version of the publication, use of command line and API, upload of publication via FTP, conversion of multiple files, back issue online feature enabling reader to reach other publications, and merging multiple PDFs in one catalog.

Anyone can register for a free account and publish an unlimited number of Html5 Digital magazines, brochures and catalogs online every day using the below link.

For more information, visit:

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