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PDF to Excel Converter Available at An Accurate Tool for Creating Excel Files

PDF to Excel Converter Available at An Accurate Tool for Creating Excel Files

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 28, 2014 is pleased to announce the introduction of the new PDF to Excel software which enables users to extract and convert virtually any PDF data such as invoices, bank statements, price lists and inventories into highly editable MS Excel documents or into a CSV file format within several minutes. The PDF data may be in batches or in a single file form. A-PDF to Excel thereby intends to effectively improve working efficiency and saves time.

A-PDF to Excel, the most accurate and useful PDF to Excel converter extracts and converts data in PDF files to Excel using four simple steps.

The first step involves the sourcing of the PDF file. Users after downloading and installing A-PDF to Excel have to start the program and click the “Open a PDF file” button at the top left, to add PDF file.

Second, the users need to extract data. They simply need to select a page and then click the “Add a table to PDF” button to draw a table in the area from which users want to extract the data. Next, click the “Draw vertical lines to table” button which will draw lines and divide the data into columns.

Third is the application of table settings to pages. Users must click “Apply” to apply the table settings to other pages. The setting can be applied to selected pages and users can choose between options already available such as, apply to all pages, even pages only, odd pages only, landscape pages only or portrait pages only.

Finally the user has to simply extract the parts of the document to Excel by clicking on the “Extract to Excel” button.

These four efficient and easy steps will ensure a successful extraction of data from PDF pages to an Excel file.

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