ParaFin Reaches Agreement With LionsGate Funding

LIGHTING RELEASES 07/23/14 ParaFin Corporation (ParaFin) is pleased to announce an Agreement with LionsGATE Funding whereby LionsGATE will assist ParaFin in monetizing the ING Bank N.V. Series FF Bearer Bonds held by ParaFin and disclosed in Financial Statements filed Quarterly and Annually with OTC Markets Group Regulatory Authorities since January 2008. The current value of the Bearer Bonds plus accumulated interest held by ParaFin is approximately US $2.2 Billion. 

After careful Forensic Analysis and a thorough review of the ING Bank N.V. Series FF Bearer Bonds, ParaFin has concluded the Series FF Bearer Bonds were validly issued by ING Bank N.V. ParaFin and LionsGATE Funding are hoping to work directly with ING Bank N.V. to have the ING Bank N.V. Series FF Bearer Bonds either cleared and monetized or paid.

Los Angeles , CA USA JULY 22, 2014, ParaFin Corporation (Stock Symbol: PFNO.PK): (CUSIP NO.: 69912M 40 0 USA):