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Online Brochure Tool Has Been Released by Flip Builder

Online Brochure Tool Has Been Released by Flip Builder

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 8, 2014

Flip Builder has announced the release of its new product, the online brochure tool. The company is dedicated to creating the best possible product brochure for its clients and the new interactive flip PDF brochure is just another great addition. It has a simple to use interface, but features very powerful functions.

The release of the new interactive online brochure tool presents the customers with a new solution that will help them transform their digital publications into more engaging, outstanding and attractive ones. The innovative software helps to convert an original PDF brochure to page flip format, which is much more engaging, content-rich and interactive. Users can create company brochure with video and photo slideshow embedded, making it much more fun to read.

The software has an integrated powerful editor that allows users to add many multimedia elements. The digital brochure is also easily accessible as it also allows the users to reach their customers on any device and platform. The digital brochure is very easy to share making it easier for business to receive comments, reviews and much bigger audience.

Flip Builder has taken the well-known online brochures to the next level. The interactive page flip brochure maker is an affordable solution for everybody, no matter how big or small their organization is. Once the license key is purchased then unlimited brochures can be published with the software. The regular upgrades are also free. The users can turn their business into a more profitable one by enhancing their brochure which allows their customers to explore the products in much better detail.

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