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New HTML5 Digital Publishing Software Launched With Advanced Flipbook Features

New HTML5 Digital Publishing Software Launched With Advanced Flipbook Features

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 29, 2014

PUB HTML5 is now taking a giant step wanting to introduce the new HTML5 digital publishing software. After so many years of fantastic success this software publisher decided to offer some new opportunities for the world.

This year a lot of new and interesting things will be seen. With such a great plan PUB HTML5 has to offer all the users will be allowed to publish different kinds of unlimited PDF publications. All the readers will now have a unique reading experience no matter what kind of device is used. (PC, Android Device, IPad, Iphone). This advanced edition is capable of doing so many great things, such as allowing to flipbook with the richest multimedia. PUB HTML5 is able to give the most inspiring, unique shoppable and reading experience which can be transformed into realistic as well. The most important thing most of the users love is that everything is for free, no matter what kind of digital publishing software is used.

Here is one review written by Allegra Staples: “My experience with has been very positive. They are prompt in responding to questions and in completing projects, patient and helpful with their clients’ concerns and queries, and provide good quality service. I have found Sherlene Clarito, my representative at, to be an excellent contact. She consistently provides our reformatted files promptly and with the assurance that we are free to contact her for any further assistance we may need. As our connection to pubhtml5, Sherlene has represented the service very positively. We would recommend Sherlene and the pubhtml5 service to other businesses working with e-publishing, digital subscriptions, and large file sharing”.


PUB HTML5 is one of the greatest websites that provides all the digital magazines famous worldwide. This website is able to publish all the magazines, brochures with the help of the most sophisticated digital platform. The website has more than 30 000 major companies that had built a strong reputation using all the services from PUB HTML5. Some of these companies are:Aol, Forbes, TNW, Business Insder, BloomBerg, The Marker and many, many others. All the uploading here is for free, for both operating systems Windows and Mac as well.

For more information about the HTML5 digital publishing software, have a look at the Dailymotion Video: or go to

multimedia elements in the flip page

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