New Helpline for Troubled Teens in Seguin Offers Hope for Rehabilitation

A new helpline aimed at teenage addicts in Seguin, TX can assist adolescents in locating reliable substance abuse recovery.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/18/2014) – For teenagers in Seguin, TX who need help finding a reliable drug and alcohol youth rehab facility, a new helpline could be just the thing they’re looking for. Thankfully the helpline, which is aimed at assisting teenagers and their parents, is available to call at any time day or night and can offer real advice and guidance about how a youth rehab facility and certified addiction counselors can help someone achieve sobriety. By calling (830) 261-4702 as soon as you can, an adolescent can start taking steps away from substance abuse and towards sobriety.

There are plenty of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities across the state of Texas, but young adults are better off finding the specific location which caters to adolescents and their problems. Helping a teenager overcome their addiction issues takes the skill and experience of certified addiction counselors and specialists who understand how addiction works and how best to combat it. Call the helpline today at (830) 261-4702 and start taking steps towards sobriety. You can make a change, the helpline is just here to offer assistance as you work to better yourself.

About the troubled teen helpline for Seguin, TX:

Adolescents from Seguin, TX need reliable guidance when it comes to overcoming drug and alcohol abuse problems. Call the troubled teen helpline today at (830) 261-4702 or visit for more information about how a youth rehab facility and certified addiction counselors can help.