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Never Listen to a Fashion Expert When Making Business Dress Choices,

Never Listen to a Fashion Expert When Making Business Dress Choices,

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 28, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES 07/28/14 —  “Never listen to a fashion expert when making business dress choices,” says branding and marketing expert Dr. John Tantillo, America’s marketing doctor. “Unless you are interviewing for a job at Ralph Lauren, your strategy should focus on looking that you belong rather than appearing you have arrived which is best achieved by consulting business executives and their recommendations rather than style conscious experts,”  explains Tantillo.    In a recent post published in LinkedIn, Tantillo outlines five essentials when selecting a business suit which include: seeking out quality, choosing the right style and color, remembering that fit is key and to simply to “Go Brand Yourself!”

For Tantillo,  your suit is the uniform.  He explains: “For you to succeed,  one needs to remember that your suit is the uniform which is crucial for achieving your career goals.   Look at this as a classic battle between the fashion police versus the brand professionals.  This means that how you are perceived  always outplays how you look;  and that when it comes to making a business buying decision, perception continually prevails. Remember this personal marketing tip  and your individual brand will soar,” concludes Dr. Tantillo.  

In today’s competitive job market even making the slightest mistake e.g. your suit selection can make the difference and why seeking out the correct “dress for success,” advice is so important.  Knowing these five essentials along with seeking out an executive mentor may be the two key ingredients to securing a job today. 

John Tantillo is a branding and marketing expert who is known as The Marketing Doctor. He is author of “People Buy Brands, Not Companies,” Kindle Version, and on online Udemy course: “Go Brand Yourself, The Secrets of Branding for Personal and Professional Success.”

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