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Moviestarplanet Releases New App: Moviestarplanet HD

Moviestarplanet Releases New App: Moviestarplanet HD

by WireService.coJuly 25, 2014

Dallas, TX / Moviestarplanet, a popular online social game for kids, has released a new app called Moviestarplanet HD. The Denmark-based company has released a handful of mobile game apps in the past but Moviestarplanet HD is the first to bring the full Moviestarplanet gaming experience to mobile devices. Players, referred to as “movie stars”, can now access their account along with most of the features of the online game from wherever they are.moviestarplanethack

According to the Moviestarplanet corporate website, their mission is to provide an interactive social network and entertainment world for children ages 8 to 15. “We do this through a combination of continuous product innovation and improvements, clever marketing strategies, strong partnerships and user involvement.” The release of this latest Moviestarplanet HD app has done just that.

With technology steadily moving towards mobile, computer game developers like Moviestarplanet have had to respond by making their games mobile-friendly. Moviestarplanet currently has over 140 million members, many of which have mobile devices. “Creating a mobile version of the game was a necessary step towards the future of online social gaming.” says MSP Hack Blog author Debbie Gomez.


So far, the reception of the Moviestarplanet HD app has been positive. The app was released at the beginning of 2014 and has received a few updates since the release to fix bugs and add features. Moviestarplanet HD already has over a million installs on Android devices and thousands on iOS as well.

Moviestarplanet has been at the forefront for innovation in online social gaming and are now transitioning into mobile-based gaming as well. It will be interesting to see how they continue to adapt as mobile technology advances.

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