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Leesburg, FL Teens Have New Resource for Addiction Rehabilitation

Leesburg, FL Teens Have New Resource for Addiction Rehabilitation

by Matthew PaulsonJuly 18, 2014

A new helpline geared towards troubled adolescents in Leesburg, FL is a great resource for finding a youth rehab facility.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (7/18/2014) – Being a teenager in Leesburg, FL these days isn’t easy. As a result, many adolescents are finding themselves experimenting with drugs and alcohol because it helps them deal with that little thing called life. Thankfully there is a new helpline for young adults in Leesburg, FL who are serious about turning their life around and living free from drugs and alcohol. By calling the helpline today at (352) 702-4215, adolescents in Leesburg, FL can start taking the first steps towards sobriety. Speaking with a certified addiction counselor can often make all the difference in the world when it comes to recovery.

Professional guidance is important in just about every other aspect of life and substance abuse recovery is no different. Calling the helpline is a wonderful way for a teenager to turn their life around and find the joys of living a sober life. After calling the helpline, adolescents can also visit the helpful website at for more information about all the benefits of calling the helpline.

Getting over a serious drug and alcohol problem isn’t a walk in the park, thankfully there is a helpline which can offer real guidance and support as someone makes a positive change in their lifestyle. Call the helpline today and get started with sobriety.

About the troubled teen helpline for Leesburg, FL:

The troubled teen helpline in Leesburg, FL is a wonderful resource for any adolescent drug or alcohol user who wants to end a substance abuse problem once and for all. Call today at (352) 702-4215 or send an email to for more information.

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