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iPad Digital Publishing Software: Latest Solution for Publishing HTML5 Flipbooks to iPad

iPad Digital Publishing Software: Latest Solution for Publishing HTML5 Flipbooks to iPad

by Elsa D. ArnoldJuly 29, 2014

PUB HTML5 is pleased to announce the introduction of their new iPad Digital Publishing Software with the primary intention of bringing iPad and Android Tablet users a more interactive reading experience. Since iPad does not support Adobe Flash, the HTML5 digital flipbook replaces the flipbook and multimedia elements based in Flash thereby allowing the mobile tablet user to access e-publication successfully.

In the modern context, people prefer to read on their iPad rather than from a book which has to be carried around constantly. Therefore the introduction of HTML5 Digital Publishing to iPad can be seen as an attempt to keep up with the current trends of society. Since the HTML5 flip software represents the latest technology, is mobile friendly and works across diverse platforms they do not pose problems of compatibility and transferability.

The e-reading service enabled by this software saves time, money and even protects the environment by reducing the requirements of paper. The IPad Digital Publishing Software allows fast and easy publishing and online digital catalog software allows even an amateur to complete projects efficiently. The edit feature allows users to directly publish on their web page without leaving the software.

Using the HTML5 software users can create searchable content to help readers locate it in the e-book. Powerful editing options allow users to create reader-friendly books. Since IPad Digital Publishing Software is custom made to cater iOS and Android mobile devices it delivers an amazing experience by supporting gestures. People can use spread and pinch to zoom in or out, swipe to browse through the pages, and drag to navigate around a page while zoomed in. The HTML5 software also has integrated a social share feature which allows users to share the products in their digital catalogs on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

Learn more about the software by referring to the Flickr video:

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